Translucent stretch ceilings are a new word in interior design. It is possible, modern and profitable!


Translucent stretch ceilings have become popular recently – with the advent of special PVC films. Combining the material with the original photo printing or perforation, we manage to create a multi-layered design solution with an unusual appearance. For example, under the main layer, you can lay another one – with a different image — or install lamps to achieve soft diffused light.

Another use case is installation over a veranda or living room: in this case, the canvas lets in natural daylight, successfully resists precipitation and insects, is easy to clean, but is not afraid of hail. And even in case of damage, the soft and high-quality PVC film does not break into fragments (like glass), therefore it does not pose any danger to your family. Translucent ceilings – profitable and safe! 

Important facts about translucent film:

Incredible durability:

Modern translucent film can withstand a load of several hundred pounds, and even when stretched, it quickly restores its shape. If it is not cut with a sharp object, heat exposure is sufficient to return the initial appearance. This radically distinguishes a translucent film from glass.

Exorbitant service life:

Modern stretch ceilings can serve for decades without losing their shape, without deforming and without requiring any maintenance. To clean them, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth, when stretched, only the effect of heat is required. And even in the event of a burst of the water supply system, the canvas can withstand several tons of water.


Speaking about the advantages of translucent ceilings, we tend to forget about the economic aspect. Meanwhile, this type of canvases perfectly transmits daylight, which means savings on electricity payments. During the day, the room is bright enough to read books or household chores, and in the evening, the combination of the outgoing sun and LED lights makes the atmosphere as cozy as possible.

If you are interested in translucent stretch ceilings, please contact our team in any convenient way. We will offer several options for your house, apartment, gazebo or terrace, and you will get a really good offer. Please note: we are a team of craftsmen with many years of experience, tools and capabilities. Trust the professionals!


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We will increase, decrease, change the shape and size of the premises for maximum comfort


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