Stretch ceilings with photo printing are a modern way to create the interior of your dreams. Favorable price. Quality and reliability!


Photo-printed ceilings came to the USA from Europe, known for its high style. Modern technologies allow you to put almost any image on the canvas – nature, photography, the sky, the logo of your favorite team. When combined with artistic perforation or double vision, we manage to create aesthetic interior masterpieces.

The undoubted advantage of photo printing is high resolution, so even on a small area it is possible to place a sufficiently high–quality image. If you add to that artistic perforation or illumination, the ceiling turns into a real work of art.  

Important facts about photo printing on ceiling canvases:

Classic solutions:

Most often, we order an image of the sky, flowers, birds, fruits or nature. These are classic solutions that are equally appropriate in a classic interior, rustic, and loft. Since stretch ceilings are easily removed, we provide for the possibility of a simple and easy replacement of canvases after some time. And you can change the appearance of the room in just a few days.

Creative solutions:

Recently, photo printing has been combined with other solutions – for example, two-layer canvases. In the main light, you see one picture, at night (LEDs or LED strips) - another. This allows you to place fairy-tale characters or some personal elements on the ceilings – up to photos of a loved one. And all this becomes possible thanks to photo printing.


To order stretch ceilings with photo printing, contact our team at the phone numbers listed on the website. You can send the desired photo to our mail: we will calculate the physical dimensions of the future canvas and deliver it to your home within one working week. We may also need to take measurements of the premises — for this purpose, we will first go to the object.

Note: our team offers an incredibly favorable cost of installing stretch ceilings with photo printing. We are a team of craftsmen who measure, manufacture and assemble canvases on our own. The availability of the necessary tools and extensive experience guarantees the highest quality, and the absence of intermediaries keeps the financial value of products at an acceptable level.


Find out how our company will be useful to New Yorkers, and how we create your homes more cozy, more reliable and more secure!

Double vision

We will increase, decrease, change the shape and size of the premises for maximum comfort


We will increase, decrease, change the shape and size of the premises for maximum comfort

Soft windows

A modern way to protect the veranda, terrace and parking from wind, snow and insects!

Art perforation

We will replace the damaged canvases and restore the appearance of the room or space


We will replace the usual structures with beautiful and high-quality ones - with lamps and ventilation

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