A novelty in stretch ceilings. Allows you to combine lighting, ceiling and walls.


The most striking difference between floating stretch ceilings and the classic solution is the space between the canvas and the vertical wall. The thing is in the fastening mechanism: if ordinary ceilings are attracted to harpoons fixed in the wall, then here they either hide deeper, or the walls themselves move a few centimeters to the center of the room. Due to this, a thin niche is formed in the upper part of the ceiling.

The goals of such a combination are different: firstly, along with the “floating” ceiling, “floating” walls are formed, and secondly, the presence of a clear boundary between the planes radically changes the appearance of the interior. Finally, an LED backlight can be placed in the resulting niche, which fills the room with soft diffused light, without showing a specific lighting source. 

Why should I use a floating scheme?

Floating lighting:

Floating ceiling is stylish, fashionable and modern. The very presence of a border between it and the wall is a bright detail that gives the interior brightness and solidity. Add to that a pleasant illumination and you will get a room with the effect of floating in weightlessness.

Floating walls:

Floating walls have the same advantages: in the case of installing LED between the wall and the baseboard, you get a room in the style of the movie "Hypercube", save on lighting, create an incredibly stylish original interior with minimal organization costs.


This type of wall and ceiling design allows you to create a variety of styles – hi-tech, eclecticism, cyberpunk, avant-garde, techno. It all depends on the printing on the canvas, wall decoration and lighting equipment, but you can change the style yourself with just one switch of LED strips. For example, turquoise is always associated with cyberpunk, and orange – with techno.

It is important to note that the overall perception of the room is influenced by the lighting and how it is inscribed in all planes. Please contact us to get the most competent advice — we will provide several draft solutions and make your dreams come true, no matter how bright they may be!


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We will replace the usual structures with beautiful and high-quality ones - with lamps and ventilation

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